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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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for justice. but you need to say the words, ingmar guandique is guilty. closing arguments in the ingmar guandique trial today. guandique charged in the murder of cndra levy. the skeletal remains of the 24-year-old intern found in rock creek park back in may 2002. she had been missing for about a year. pointing to guandique, prosecutor haynes said his face is what chandra levy saw as she was dragged off that trail. his face is what she saw as she begged for mercy. she saw his face as she laid there naked and disabled after he lt her in tat park to die. fiction. that was all fiction. those words from defense
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attorney sonnenberg. the government has no evidence to prove when, where, how or who caused the death of chandra levy. she says male dna found in chandra levy's tights doesn't belong to ingmar guandique. she says it belongs to the real killer. the prosecution says the dna came from contamination by someone who handled the tights after they were removed from the crime scene. but the defense says the prosecution never proved that. sonnenberg told the jury about a number of possible scenarios. that someone lured chandra levy to rock creek park. that someone killed her elsewhere, dumped her body in the park, took her clothes off her body to make it seem like something happened there. when actually, it doesn't. now the defense attorneys also
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brought gary condit's name back into the closing arguments, i'll have more on that at 6:00. we have a fnal jury here, 9 women and 3 men. they've been instcted, sent home, the deliberations should begin around 9:30 tomorrow morning. back to you. >> thank you, pat collins. $400,000 in cash stashed in a closet. that's just some of the evidence collected at a liquor store owner's house, as the fbi looks into allegations of cruption within prince georges county. darcie spencer live for us in greenbelt maryland with today's big courtroom developments. darcie? >> today detention hearings dealt with a husband and wife. they own more than a dozen liquor stores here in maryland during open court just about an hour ago, a prosecutor made some reference to bribery's being offered in this case. they have some wiretaps and listening to conversations involving this couple and heard some discussions involving bribes of county officials
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involving favorable acts that happened for this business. but no official was named, no official act was named, but again, references made to bribes being offered to county officials for acts that would favotheir businesses. this all plays into this wide ranging investigation of corruption here in prince georges county. amrick and marinder were ordered held without bond. the judge felt they posed a flight riskn this case. they are accused of paying off prince georges county police officers to protect their illegal operations. one of those officers a sergeant th more than 20 years experience on the force. the couple has hidden millions of dollars in assets, they smuggled money in and out of the united states as well as in and out of india, some of what they're calling smurfing, putting on individuals and tang it and out of e
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country. there were activations that mr. melhi has brought people into this country illegally, using false documents. there are also allegations as you said, that $400,000 in cash was found when there w a raid in the home in howard county. this is all part -- this wide ranging investigatn that went to the top levels of government here in ince georges county on friday. the arrest of county executives, federal authorities are saying, these are related investigations, but not providing any additional details. the attorneys for the melhi's today fought vigorously for them to be released. >> i never heard of this thing. surprise me todai watch the news. >> the government's position was, the are wiretaps that involve bribing public officials and money laundering, and, of coursethat is something that the governnt plad to full effect, and i understand the
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judge's position. we will do everything to ensure the melhi's are here for trial. >> she have been doing business here for many years. ey have a lot of supporters, many showed up for court. we'll have some of their comments coming up at 6:00. >> darcie, thank you. we hav aeveloping story from frederick county maryland. a body has been found in a box alg i-70. it was discovered by a highway maintenance worker along westbound i-70 near braddock mountain. authorities can only say it's e body of an adult, no i.d. it's a box that was barely visible off the shoulder of the hiway. in northeast, a metro bus collided with a truck off east capitol street. ten people suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospitals for treatment. police still investigating that.
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we woke up to some happy news this morning. it's officials, prince william and kate middleton are engaged. the prince andhis bride to be met with the press briefly after the official announcement made in london this morning. they also sat down for an terview with itv news. william proposed last month while they were vacationing in kenya. neither would comment whether the prce got down on one knee. he noted the sapphire and dime on the ring he gave to middleton once belonged to his late mother. >> it's my mother's engagement ring. i thought it was quite nice. she's not going to be around to share in the fun and excitement of all this. this is way of keeping her close to it all. >> both prince william and his younger brother prince harry were cse to their mother. princess diana was killed in a car crash in 1997 when he was just 15 years old. we'll have much more on the royal engagement and a look at what that wedding might entail coming next summer in our next
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half hour. jim? >>well, it's a day off for the redskinstoday. and they might need it to lick their wounds following that 59-28 shellacking on monday night football. it's a game the redskins on both sides of the ball are upset about today. lindsay is live at redskins park wi their reaction. linds? >> reporter: they're devastated, humiliated and very embarrassed. if you think about it, yesterday at this time, the buzz before the game was all about donovan mcnabb signing that contract extension. today it's all about the other quarterback, michael vick, who just manhandled the redskins. he seemed to play out of this world. before the game, fans expecting a lot from donovan mcnabb. he got a standingovation from fans when the game started. not much more to cheer about after that, though. the eagles very first play of the game. vick throws a bomb downfield for de shan jackson.
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an 88-yard touchdown, and the route was on sacks. overall, vk threw for four touchdown passes, ran for two more. he didn't do it alone, eagles had 250 rushing yards, including this 50 yard touchdown by jerome harrison. the redskins defense did not have an answer for anything, it seemed is. after the game, ey had one word to describe what happened, embarrassing. >> i think it stings any time when you literally get your [ eep ] whooped like that. it was embarrassing. i couldn't wait for the game to be over. you know? >> i want to say this, this is on defense, man we let everybody down. we just couldn't catch up to the tempo, all t big plays they were making, was tough to watch. >> you knowt's frustrating to go out there on national tv and play the way we've played. go to the playoffs andlay quality football. anybody who was watching that game thought it was a joke, so
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i'm kind of embarrassed. >> i think donovan sums it up well, when he says, every once in a while you g a gut check game and he said this was it. hopefully they go back to the drawing board and they are able toorrect those mistakes. >> we'll check back in a bit. thank you, lindsay. if it was a fight they would have called it last night. after last night's emrrassment on the field. redskins' fans are hanging their heads low today. some fans we caught up with said they were expecting a whole lot more. >> don't know what they want to do, but they got to pick it up. >> certainly expected more from them, actually. i thought they were going to win even. i was rooting for the >> vick kept running the ball, throwing the ball, and i said we must get that. >> i thought it was a great game. i'm from philadelphia. so -- >> after a while it was boring, i probably left around half. >> you started feeling sorry for them? >> yeah. where are my skins at?
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i like that. that about sums it up. after la night's game, should donovan mcnabb get a $78 million deal from the team? we want to hear your thoughts. log on to our website too weigh-in. or you can always respond to us on twitter and facebook. the only thing more miserable than that game was the ather. >> yeah, the wet weather is starting to taper off now. doug kammerer is tracking the conditions for us with a look at what's ahead. >> most of the rain is out of here, we're going to continue to seshowers throughout the evening tonight and into the early overnight hours as well. let's take a look outside right now where the current temperature issitting at 60 degrees. still above average believe it or not. even though it was a fairly the winds will be picking up overnight tonight. 57 right now in sterlin 59 in frederick. the cool spot back toward martinsbur right now. down toward quantico, you're looking at 58 degrees in your area. more rain out there on the light side.
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there is rain down around the stafford county area, that's going to make its way to the north and east. that's some pretty good shower activi around i-95. more rain will make its way toward the region, that will produce more rain overnight tonight and into early, early tomorrow morning before it all comes to an end. i'll sho you what that means for your wake tomorrow and what's in store next. >> thank you doug. fairfax county officials say they've gotten dozens of calls n from people all interested in adopting the baby girl found outsida church. she was wrapped in towels in a dufflebag in a parking lot in springfield. the baby's healthy, but she'll be in the hospital for several days. police are still looking for the child's mother. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00. aaa has its annual holiday forecast. will the roads and airports be as crowded as we think they'll
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be. a bull brels into a crowd. some call it black outin a can. the fda is now taking aim at that popular alcoholic energy drink. 's already banned in sever states. i'm tom sherwood, and i'm standing next to the future, but what is it? i'll have the story coming up. >>news 4 at 5:00 is just getting started.
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jurors are now hearing closing arguments in the chandra levy murder trial. the panel could begin deliberating the case tonight or early tomorrow. ingmar guandique is accused of killin levy back in 2001. they've en dating for eight years and now prince william and kate middleton are are engaged. they expect to marry in spring or summer. he proposed last month during a vacation in kenya. they've been talking about marriage for some time. she's wearing his late mother's ring. on the same day the redsks announced a new $78 million deal for quarterback donovan mcnabb, the team suffered a big loss against his former team. in the first play of the game, michael vick threw an 88-yard td. going into half time, the eagles led the skins 49-14. in the end the skins lost 59-28. brace yourselves for crowded
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ros and airports this thanksgiving. aaa expts a big jump in travel this year. more than 80% of people will drive or fly more than 800 miles starting next wednesday. that's despite a slow economy and gas that's 20 cents higher than this time last year. aaa is also urging travelers to be patient. new screening lul ining rules airport y make the boarding process slower. car manufacturer's are coming out with their electric cars now. local governments are starting to step up, and the district unveiled the first of what will be hundreds of recharging stations in the chicago area. >> rorter: it seems gasoline prices are a way of the future. so is this. the district unveiled its first electric car charging station hereat u streets and southwest.
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>> you leave your car here, it's really that simple. >> reporter: d.c. transportation director dave klein says hundreds of the charging stations will benstalledn the district and suburban areas over the next year as part of a national federal energy prram. it's all part of the city' revamp of the transportation network with bikes. better buses and pedestrians walkways and service for the electr vehicles. >> all the technology we're investing in in the district, whether it's parking meters or charging stations has got to be high-tech. >> whether it's to a screen in the bus shelter, people want to know what's available. it's not just about the infrastructure, it's about the communication pie. >> a new $40,000 chevy volt was used for tuesday's demonstration. what do people think? >> it's great. the more electric cars, the better. >> i've had my car for a long time. i'll continue to have it for a while longer. >> a gas car?
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>> a gas car. >> that esn't mean i may not get an electric car in my next car. >> that's the future? >> the future. >> i love it, i'm all about the future as well as the history, and i think that it's probably going to give us a way out of g >> tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> under the federal program, some individual homeowners and businesses are eligible for these recharging stations.they e and g them installed. >> very cool. >>t's the future. >> am that maybe recharge your laptop and -- >> exactly. >> all in one. >> cell phone. >> wherever you'reriving today, it's slow going bcause of the weather. >> when is it going to stop? >> it's going to stop over the next 12 hours or so. most of us received about a quarter to a half inch of rain. there's still more rain out there right now on the radar picture. as we look outside, a pretty
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shot. no rain right now falling inside the distct. don't want to say no rain, maybe light rain. but for the most part, the moderate rain is out of here for e next half hour to hour or so. 60 degrees is th current temperature, winds out of the east-southeast at 13 miles an hour. the tempeture rose over the past hour as weee aittle more wind and the rain ended around the district. what we're going to be seeing is the temperatures falling a little bit, not much overnight tonight. 55 in frederick, 53 in hagerstown. sterling out toward resten as well coming in at 57 degrees. here you can see the district inside the beltway, not a lot of rainfalling here. just down to the south and west, stafford county, prince william county. you're going to start seeing that rain aoss your area. down toward fredericks berg as well. pretty good rain there as well. that's moving to e north. we're going to see another round. we're not out of this yet. don't put your umbrellas away yet. who saw the most rain? it was west of i-95, back toward
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frederick overn inch in sterling. close to an inch and a third out toward frederick, manassas, charlottesville, right around the d.c. area, t i-95 corridor, about a half earth for most locations. we needed the rain, it' been fairly dry over the past couple weeks and definitely got it. behind the rain comes something else. the wind, nothing around our area, but look at the wind advisories for portions of the mountains and peaks. 40 to 50 mile an hour winds tomorrow. i think our winds here could be upwards of 30 miles an hour. look at the storm here, here it is spinning toward the ohio valley, it will make its way well to our west, a few more showers tonight and tomorrow, here comes that cold front just rushing on through, it gets very windy during the day tomorrow, with gusts upwards of 30, maybe 35 miles an hour, not cold, though. temperatures tomorrow will be a little warmer than they were during the day today. it is going to be rather windy.
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overnightonight, temperatures will be dipping down from the 60s into the 50 degree range. tomorrow morning i think the rain will be out of here, clearing out, but becoming win dirks 52 to 49 degrees. your temperatures for tomorrow will be in the low 60s. below average, but a windy afternn with the winds gusting to 40. 52 on your thursday, 52 on friday. and right now, the first part of your weekend looking very, very nice. up next on news 4 at 00. pilots protest outside reagan national airport, but it has nothing to do with those controversial tsa screening methods. new recommendations for a common childhood illness, experts are discouraging patients from giving their kids antibioticfor ear infections. lead in reuseable grocery bags
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there's new concern over reuseable grocery bags. how much time do you think u're spending preparing for the holidays? >>e're going to begin with the reuseable grocery bags. concern sur fashioned after elevated levels of lead in the
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bags. charles schumer asked federal regulators to take a closer look. two major stores in our area say they have already tested their bags and deemed them safe. in september, wegman's stopped selling two designs of its reuseable shopping bags because of elevated lead levels. high levels of lead could harm the environment and possibly leech into the food stored in the bags. consumers are improving their payment habits. capital one says it's cardholders are making fewer late payments. the rate of late payments by 30 days or more dropped more than 4% in october compared to the previous month. the post notes federal serve is a diftices show the federal reserve dropped in september to its lowest point since 2005. a sign consumers are moving to lower overall credit card detonation wide.
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in the coming year, consumers shopping for a new tv can expect more information on models and energy use. this spring the ftc will require energy guide labels for tv. the move comes after a recent amendment to the ftc's appliance labelling rule. the removal labels will include two main disclosures on new tv's. first the teevision's estimated annual energy costs, and second a comparison with other tv's with similar screen sizes. the labels already appear on other appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. the holiday season is the busiest of the year, and americans spend a lot of time preparing for it. consumer reports released its findings on how long we spend getting ready for the holidays. it's almost two full days. here's a eakdown. americans will spend 15 hours gift shopping on average, and women will spend twice as long as menhen it comes to shopping for those gifts. shoppers estimate they will wait
5:27 pm
in checkout lines for about 3.5 hours on average. and once folks get home, they plan on spendin three hours wrapping gifts and 15 hours will be spent attending those preholiday parties. so just so you know, it's going to be a couple full days getting ready to get to the holidays. >> that's when you buy a case of wine and hand over a bottle no lines, no standing. >> unwrapped bottle. thank you, liz. princeilliam is now officially off the market. the royals announced the engagement. from the dress to the ring. up next, what we can expect when the two finally hit e aisle. courtney was killed in a crash after drinking the controversial alcoholic bench four loco at a party. her family wants the drink banned. we'll hear from them ahead. debt collectors are turning
5:28 pm
to facebook to get a glimpse of your private life. the one thing experts say you should avoid posting next.
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they are beaming and talking tonight. britain's royal family announced today that prince william and kate ddletogot engag last month.
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>> the ring princess diana selected when she became engaged to prince charles in 1981. the royal wedding had all the makings of a fairy tale. what might we expect 30 years later? >> reporter: she has style elegant, her look s looks fanta. diana's dress was famous. a 25-foot train which added to the desired impression of a fairy tale wedding. the huge puff sleeves, tens of thousands of pearls on silk taffeta. it is not a look kate middleton is expected to copy. though diana's choice of young
5:32 pm
british designers to make the dress is one some fashion insiders are hoping kate will copy. a british designer to watch, the former student of the university of east london, her catwalk shows in collections and have already won widespread acclaim understated look >> these are the styles that would suit a modn princess. >> she's very elegant, very sophisticated and wears a lot of classic piec. she's not really. she doesn't wear things that are fussy. it's about keeping the lines simple and classic. >> her fiancee is royal, but kate and william's courtship, met at university, sharing the same friends. until a few years ago, prince william acted like this to persistent questions about when
5:33 pm
they might settle down? >> no. >> that was then. now invitations to their high society wedding are expected to be in high demand. nina nanar. itv news. >> lady diana was born into an old aristocratic english family, and ther were royal connections in her family ancestry. middleton is from britain's middle class. they run mail order company that sells party supplies and dick races. before that, kate's mother was a flight attendant. r father was a flight dispatcher for british airways. middleton is active in charitable causes but unlike diana who did not go to college. middletohas a degree. she first met princ william while studying art hitry at saint andrews univerty in scotland.
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stay tuned for more on this story after our 6:00 p.m. broadcast. legal experts say you should think twicabout showing off your expensive purchases on facebook. especially if you're in debt. debt collectors are now using twitter, facebook and other social networks to get a glimpse into the finances of the people who owe money. so those who are claiming poverty to avoid paying their bills might find themselves in more trouble if there's any evidence to the contrary on line. >> what you don't want to put on there is specific information, say, about your new vacation home, or something along the lines of your job, your new promotion and braggi about your bonus. >> one lawyer says the lawsre murky when it comes to debt collectors looking up their prospects on line, but there are protections that keep collectors from harassing people. ed fda could ban the sale of calfen ated alcoholic benches later this week. so far five states have banned the drinks on their own.
5:35 pm
new york joins washington, michigan, utah and oklahoma which have all stopped sales of four loco. there have bee a number of deaths believed to have been caused by four loco, including the first one here in maryland. >> courtney was always smiling. her family told her if she was ever out drinking and needed a ride hom they would come and get her. they never heard of four loco until a party last saturday night. they blame it for her death and want it banned. >> this memorial is for courtney spurry, located on the telephone poll she hit while driving a pickup truck after leaving a party. courtney drank two cans of four loco. the controversial bench containing caffeine mixed with alcohol, that is said to be the equivalent of four to five cans of beer.
5:36 pm
it's nicknamed blackout in a can and liquid cocaine. >> my daughter was acting very different. different than she ever acted. e didn't know her friend's names, she was talking out of her head. it's a terrible night for her. >> friends had taken courtney's car keys but she borrowed a pickup truck and drove off. >> i did find her, she sped up, away frome, and i tried to catch her, and i finally lost her, and then i seen the accident and i got out to go to the truck to see if she was okay. bushe wasn't in it. it threw her 90 feet in the air, i found her face down on the root. >> a number of states have banned the sale of caffeinated alcohol beverages. maryland's attorney general wants four lo off the shelves here. >> one of the big cans is five cans of beer. and what happens is,ultimately the caffeine wears off and they're just stone drunk,
5:37 pm
whether there at a party, driving a car or somewhere else, it's not a good scene. >> it took my sister's life. she was out of her mind. it'sust disturbing. sad. it's not fair. >> i'd love to see it be banned, taken off,get rid of it. whatever. >> four loco has become popular at the university of maryland and in anticipation of a possible ban on the beverage, some students have started to hoard it. wendy? jim? >> thanks. next at 5:00, a bull storms the ands and it's all caught on tape. >> sarah palin, the world cup and the
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a bull storms th stands in mexico city. and d.c.'s snowmeggedan is sealed in history. >> a bull ran into the ring at this bullfht in mexico city, then leaped over the bench. take a look at this. it landed in part of the stands where bullfighters, sportsmen and other staff were standing. no spectators were hurt. but one of the horse men was injure the bullfight went ahead as
5:41 pm
planned. young sweethearts in louisiana were separated 60 years ago, and now they are finally tieing the kno they were in love when he was cen is the to fight in the korean war in 1950. they lost track of each other. they reunited recently a sparks flew. this time they are making sure nothing comes between them. snowmaggedon. it's become part of our lexicon. snowmaggedon and snowpocalypse are put at the top of the list, along with spillcam and vuvuzela. and refudiate. sarah palin's combination of refute and repudiate.
5:42 pm
how well does one associatiowork in prince georges county? that story coming up. what's new for 6:00. >> there's been a deadly pileup on a virginia interstate highway. at least a dozen people he been hurt, and visibility was zero. charges have been dropped against a cbs radio reporter accused of growing marijuana in his georgetown backyard. a humble hero received our nation's highest mitary honor today at the white house. his story and a lot more com that veriz fios brings fiber optics to your home
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let's fast forward through the headlines charles schumer said today the fda expects to ban caffeinated alcoholic drinks such as four loco. 21-year-old courtney spurry of saint-michaels maryland was killed after she drink four cans of four loco and crashed into a telephone poles. dozens of pilots proceed testing at reagan international today. although the company hs seen record breaking profits, the pilots the lowest pay compared to other major airlis. >> despite a slow economy and higher gas prices, aaa expects a bigger jump in traveling this year. also new screening rules at the
5:46 pm
airport will probably make the boarding process a lot slower. >> and in sports, indsay havingunch with the ladies today. >> let's go live to her at redskins park in ashburn. she's live with the wives of donovan mcnabb and chris cooley. >> reporter: let me tell you, it's on days ke this after an embarrassing loss, players tell me their family makes a difference. going home t kids, to wives to get their mind as way from the game that helps them the most. donovan and chris cooley, both of their wives are career oriented. roxy mcnabb put her education career on hold to help raise her kids. both of them shared insightful stories with me at lunch in lees burg. ♪ >> i know when donovan got here
5:47 pm
with his new teammates. he took them to arizona and did thwhole bonding training type thing. is there anything you did to get acclimated quicker with this group? >> got traded -- i didn't ha to do anything, they kind of brought me into the fold. >> donovan -- >> it was a homecoming. >> chris went out there and callede. i thought it was surprising. she must be really cool, because chris doesn't just ever say that. >> reporter:ou guys are both former athletes, you were a vp player for basketball for syracuse. you're a former cheerleader. >> i know, that's a prty big deal. >> cheerleading is a huge part of your life.
5:48 pm
>> i grew up in this area, so for halloween i was a redskins cheerleader. oh, my gosh, yeah. so i have all these pictures. so, i mean, to make that team -- i never thought i was going to make that team i had the time of my life, i was young, telling the world -- >> it must be interesting too, because where as chris has the perspective of knowing what that energy and emotion is like on the field, so do you to a degree. do you guys relate about that? i mean, can you? >> i think back whe i first started dating him, i could relay a little more. it's a wholeifferent world now. yeah, i mean, walking around -- no, seriously, i mean i -- i
5:49 pm
don't know. >> how do you describe your relationship as far as both being athletes, being very competitive? >> with each other? >> yes. >> we're competitive about everything. >> do you really? >> it n can be the silliest thing, and it's like, no, i can do that better? i'll bet you this. it's just in our nature. >> can you beat him on the basketball court? >> if we had to go full court, i'd beat him. >> and you think tt's because? >> because i'm faster, that's what i tell him. >> i'd love to see it. >> if it's half court, he would outmuscle me. >> strong words from roxy mcnabb who was a phenomenal athlete. she was mvp of the lady's team at syracuse at one point. you can go to
5:50 pm
for more on our luncwell the players wives. we'll also have more on donovan mcnabb's contract and what it means. >> thanks. prince william county has gained attention since implenting a policy to crackdown on illegal tim grag immigration. jane watrell is live with more on that. >> the authors of the three-ye study have put in a disclaimer about the accuracy of its findings. that's because when she say the controversial policy was put into effect there were a number of factors at ply. including the collapse of the housing market, the collapse of the construction industry. and the economy. >> three years after prie william county passed its controversial immigration policy, the number of illegal immigrants has dropped. and so have some types of crime. that's the findings presented to supervisors in a three-year
5:51 pm
study by university of virginia researchers. county chairman cory stewart is thrilled. >> perhaps the greatest loss was the message that it sent to illegal immigrants, you're not welcome in our community. and especially, iou're going to commit a crime, if you're a law breaker, you better leave, we're going to identify you and have you deported. >> the study also found that the crackdown created an ethnic divide in perceptions of the county. one opponent the called it three years of terror. >> prince william county's reputation as a community that is welcoming and inclusive, and especially inclusive to diverse people has bee shattered, has been destroyed. if you look at the report, there's still a big difference between a spanishpeaking immigrant and english spking native born in terms of their satisfaction with the county. >> at first the policy allowed officers who suspected someone may be an illegal immigrant to ask about their immigration
5:52 pm
status. it was later changed to require chec for anyone arrested. itics of the policy commend the police for reaching out to the hispanic community. while the report says the policy has not affected most types of crime, there was a substaial drop in aggravated assaults. >> uva has corn included that there was a direct connection between the cracki down o illegal immigration and a violent drop in crime in our community. >> the chairman says he will urge the state of virginia to adopt the policy. critics say they'll be down in richmond to fight it. reporting live in woodbridge, ja watrell. back to you, wendy. >> tnk you. here's doug now with a final check on our wet weather. >> it has been wet across the area. still some rain out there right now. most of the heavy rain is out of here, but areas dealing with moderate rain. >> dewpoint of 55, so we will see fog is evening. winds out of the east-southeast at about 13 miles an hour, the winds will increase overnight
5:53 pm
tonight. where's the rain right now, have you one patch just off to the east. another one down around the i-95 corridor, including uthern prince georges county. that's where some of the heavier rain is, anne arundel county you're seeing rain as well. 57 down towardclinton and annapolis coming in at 56 degrees. overnight tonight down about 49 in frederick, 52 in washington. i think the showers will be endi overnight tonight and by tomorrow, high around 62 in the d.c. area. 62 as well down toward frederick. the key tomorrow, i think we will see sunshine. that's going to be the wind. winds will be gusting upwards of 30 to 35 miles an hour during the afternoon. it won't be cold, but it will be a little onhe cool side with that blowing wind. >> the dreaded ear infection in your child. chances are you go to the doctor and get antibiotics to treat . >> researchers say there's a better solution. details right after the break.
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any parent who's eve had a child with a painful ear infection you hate to see them suffer. you want help fast. >> new rearch suggests the antibiotics may not be helping. erica edwards reports.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: dr. ahmed sees her share of kids with ear infections. >> do you want to grab her hand for me? and the other arm too? >> reporter: getting a look inside squirmy and sick kids ears can be an art form. pediatricians get out their prescription pad. >> if it was an ear infection, the pediatrician would prescribe an antibiotics. >> reporter: the majority of kids ear infections clear up on their own without antibiotics. >> healthy children who get acute ear infections are sometimes able to fight the infection on their own without y antibiotics. >> reporter: one doctor of children's hospital ucla ad the review. out of every100 kids with an ear infection, about 0 will
5:58 pm
recover withouta prescripti. >> if you were to go back and treat the 100 children with antibiotics, you could expect the number to go from 80 to 92. >> reporter: a few children develop rashes or diarrhea from the medicine. others suggest possible long term effects of repeated antibiotic use, resistant to super bugs. regardless of the final course of treatment, kids should be seen by a doctor for a professional diagnosis, even if you leave the office empty-handed. >> was that so bad? >> erica edwards, nbc news. >> cute. doctors say there's no reason the kids should suffer from theipain, even if they don't have an antibiotic, over the counter pain relievers can help them feel better soon. that's it for news 4 at 5:00. >> ns 4 at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
the world is buzzing about a royal wedding. britain's prince william proposed to his long time girlfriend kate middleton and he gave her princess diana's sapphire engagement ring. $400,000 found stashed in a closet. and the jury now has the case in the than dra levy murder trial. >> we begin tonight with a shake-up in congress, a lawmaker once one of the most influential members of the house has been convicted of breaking ethics rules. >> charl rangel is now facing severe house punishment, meantime both political parties have re-elected their senate leaders and republicans are taking on earmarks. steve handlesman joins us from capitol hill with a lot of news today. steve? >> doreen, thanks. he's loud and liberal. a sharp dresser. he's much loved and much feared


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